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You will get emails with relevant teaching opportunities along with teaching strategies that can help you get better in English tutoring. Letgo recommends that sellers only accept cash at in-person transactions – as this is the best option for guaranteeing payment. Excellent customer service skills. And, of course, a valid driver’s license and suitable insurance are required. HANDY  HANDYMAN – Handy is an online platform and app that maintain marketplace for handyman home services and residential cleaning. Start earning money by tutoring on-on-one in the Skooli Online Classroom. You’ll also need access to the Postmates gig app, so a smartphone is a must. With Chegg Tutors you get paid each week via PayPal. Those gig economy platforms and apps make easy for gig workers to connect with people that need their services and therefore create a gig economy market. Just signup at, create your profile and set your own schedule and prices. More…. Artists, graphic designers, and photographers can upload and sell their work on hundreds of products listed on Zazzle. With the massive rise of cryptocurrency over the past few years, it's no surprise that blockchain jobs are the second highest paid category in the gig economy… BookScouter offers its sellers the largest textbook buyback price comparison tool. Contents hide. Uber gig job with its schedule flexibility is a just good concept. INBOXDOLLARS – Inboxdollars website pays you cash to take do online activities like paid surveys, get paid to watch videos and TV, get paid to do shopping and more. When approved, create a profile, share your experience, set your rate, and state where you’d like to work. You can make money by becoming a Shutterstock Contributor. The site is geared to items like furniture, lighting, decor, rugs, and other things that help customers outfit their homes. If you’ve got a car or a bike, it’s a convenient way to earn some extra money. If you are good at any of the listed subjects you can apply to become a Studypool tutor online. This is a gig platform and iOS/Android app that makes such gigs a breeze. I have not had a bad experience so far with tenants. Instacart is hiring like crazy and people now more than ever are ordering groceries online. The amount you earn from each order delivered for Caviar will be instantly deposited into Cash App. JUNO DRIVER – To become a Juno driver you need to be already a rideshare driver with at least 100 rides. You’ll also need to be at least 21-years-old and pass the company’s background check to work as a Lyft driver. Accept requests after you get approved and complete the required pet care service. And it is very simple – you meet the buyer(s) in person and exchange your stuff for the payment directly. Each shift is a set of tasks that can be simple and fun like taking photos of products, check prices and review promotions of a given store. To start an Airbnb gig you have to sign up and list your rented home, or sharing room, for free. ServiceScape has an extensive freelance directory. Once you receive a reservation, Airbnb charges a 3% service fee. Just signup and go through the seller’s registration process. High-paying side hustle jobs: 1. Amazon’s advanced platform, apps, tools, and fulfillment network gives you the best opportunity to start and grow your sales business. AMAZON SELLER – is the largest platform and marketplace that allows 3d parties to sell new and used items alongside the Amazon e-commerce operations. You’ll also need a phone that can operate the Uber app. FlipKey is part of TripAdvisor Vacation Rental and has a well developed Q&A section on its website dedicated to homeowners and hosts. When you signup to make deliveries with Postmates you take home 100% of what you earn every time you complete a delivery. Learn more…, ROVER PET CARE PROVIDER – A marketplace created by online platforms and apps for people to buy and sell pet care services. He's spent the last 10+ years writing about personal finance and has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, MSN Money, and other publications. Once accepted by the Quality Control Team of Alamy they are ready for sale. As with most gig economy jobs, there’s an interview process and background check before starting work. Moonlighting offers freelancers tools such as recommendation engine,  MoonBeam that helps you get discovered, and secure payment system with 0% processing fees. I encourage you to go through the gig economy jobs list I have discussed above then choose at least two top economy gigs based on your skills, education or interest. URBANSITTER – An online service platform and mobile app that connects babysitters and nannies with parents. With Amazon Flex gig opportunities are available 7 days a week. Pet sitters who are willing to look after pups in their own homes can earn even more by providing daycare and overnight stays. Accept the task you want to do, complete it and when task requestor approves your work – get paid. From writing to graphic design to caring for the elderly, these gig jobs have more stringent requirements than many of the options in the list above. Helping me get good renting income. You can use points in sweepstakes and auctions to get rewards. List of 60+ sharing economy platforms & on-demand companies. Dealo gives anyone the opportunity to anyone to quickly become a seller. When you join Dribbble as a freelance designer, you can choose your availability, the type of work, and the experience level you would like to work. Drivers on jobs earn extra, and for this you need a suitable truck, van or trailer. More…. The other option to complete the sale is to ship your item and the buyer will be charged through the app. To make money from renting or providing on Rentah, first create a listing with description, images, and of course the price you are looking to get. You learn new things from your riders. Find more…, BOOKSCOUTER GIG SELLER – BookScouter is a website that enables people to sell used books to various buyback vendors. UrbanSitter presents a great opportunity to earn supplemental or even full-time income as a babysitter or a nanny. Learn more…, WAG! HomeAway will help you collect payments minus its commission. 2020 GIG Economy Jobs List - Rideshare, Deliver, Tasks, Sell, Tutor, Care: Uber | Lyft | Juno | Wingz | Via | Amazon Flex | Roadie | Instacart | TaskRabbit They offer straightforward work that most people can do regardless of qualifications. Requirements: The skills, experience, and tools to carry out basic repair and maintenance work. Another reason the gig economy has come into play is that people now change jobs and enjoy having the flexibility of choosing when and where to work. The coronavirus pandemic is exposing the fragile situations of gig economy workers — the Uber ... for the estimated 15 million Americans who depend on gig-economy jobs … A fourth of Americans today are taking advantage of what we call the Gig Economy.This equates to about $1.4 trillion last year. Find more…, SAATCHI ART SELLER – As a world’s leading online art gallery, Saatchi offers a great opportunity to start selling art to the millions of site’s visitors. Kango drivers can make up to $35 an hour plus extra tip from satisfied parents on a flexible schedule. Start making money with lawn care services once your application with Lawn Love is approved. Access Etsy advanced tools with an optional monthly subscription package and jump-start your growth. Order request, navigation, and all needed information including your pay and tips are provided in the Uber App. These marketplaces connect service providers working as independent contractors to employers, sometimes for the duration of just a single task or gig. Dribbble is on a mission to build the largest community and marketplace for creatives where they can share, showcase, get hired, and make money. Chegg sends you students who have a question or need tutoring on the subject you are good at. You can start making money in your spare time with Spare5 free web and mobile apps. GOPUFF DELIVERY DRIVER – goPuff is a gig platform that offers timely delivery of anything that can be found in your local convenience store. the … You’ll need a computer or smartphone to register and find work on the site, and you’ll need to participate in an info session to verify your ID before you can get started. Redbubble has a global network of 3d party printers and shippers that can make and send orders with your designs to the buyers. If you make or have items in the categories listed at the Artfire website you can start your gig. Once approved you will get car decals and warming bags from GrubHub. In practice, it’s most often used when referring to highly-skilled independent workers who are experts in their field, such as consultants. Start making money on Airtasker by signing up and completing your profile. If you like kids, seniors, pets or have experience working with them, check out these gigs! You have control over how you work and whom you work for . Payments for completed tasks are secured via the Airtasker Pay service. You set your own schedule and you operate as an independent contractor. Every Rover service you offer via is covered by the Rover Guarantee for up to $1 million. age requirement and the ability to lift 40 pounds. Basic requirements and easy signup. CARE.COM CAREGIVING PROVIDER – offers gig opportunities in childcare, pet care, housekeeping, senior care, and special needs care. This means paying attention to quality standards, community g… The background check will review your driving record and criminal history, but your credit history and score are not considered. We hope this guide has shown you all the exciting gig economy opportunities that there are across the United States. If you love working with children and care about making a positive impact in your community by helping busy families and educators than this Zum driver gig may be for you. Complete the application for a bellhop at the website and enter your schedule in the Bellhops app. If you want to try the Instacart gig you will have to accept the grocery order via Instacart app, go the grocery store and fulfill the shopping list. Note: Please bookmark this page, check once in a while when you need new ideas/resources. Charish manages also payments and shipping detail. Favor has a few basic requirements in order to start delivering anything their customers want: a smartphone, reliable transportation, and a clean record. Requirements: A professional massage qualification and license to work in your specialty in your state or region. Find more…, SPARE5 TASK SERVICE PROVIDER – Spare5 is a crowdsourcing platform where companies like Microsoft, IBM, Expedia, and others provide the work requiring completion of microtasks that are assigned to gig workers. Estimated hourly wage: $12 per hour, but this figure varies depending on location and demand. Find more…, WONOLO INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR   – Wonolo operates on-demand staffing platform and application that enables fast and flexible staffing in general labor, warehousing, delivery, food production and more. SpotHero allows you to rent your unused or empty parking spot to drivers who need it. “But when you get asked about it, you need to be able to respond.” Adam Hardy is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. SolidGigs offers to subscribed freelancers a freelance jobs list, freelance course library and access to a freelance community. This gig comes with a lot of benefits including earnings up to $32/hr, plus bonuses. This sharing economy directory will help you join the gig economy revolution & be your own boss And Zum claimes to make the best payments to its rideshare drivers in the industry. With ShirSmart you can build a performance history across multiple employers and get rewarded with higher earnings. Freelancing. 16 Manual Labor Gig Economy Jobs. Hundreds of gig economy companies are offering gig jobs via their platforms run by algorithms and machine learning software. By comparing the textbook buyback prices the sellers are able to get the best price for the books they want to sell. FIELD AGENT SHOPPER – Field Agent is a market research company that runs a crowdsourcing platform and app. Etsy offers its sellers a simple, transparent, and secure place to start making money from selling. Since the launch of the website, Poshmark sellers earned $1 billion using it to sell their new and preowned goods. Customer support is available 7 days a week. Estimated hourly wage: $5 and up. Keep in mind that KID @ COE prefers to list properties that would suit family travelers. Redbubble offers extensive guides in its help center regarding the selling and payment process. The rights of the gig workers are not as well defined as the traditional employees. Summary: Thumbtack connects professionals to gig economy customers in their specific area. Learn more…. When you get approved and verified you have to review the Skooli tutor videos that will help you become familiar with the Skooli online tutor system. You have to apply and pass a video interview. Requirements: A computer, an internet connection, and the skills and experience for the sorts of projects you want to bid on. It’s owned by IKEA, so assembling boxed furniture is a common task. If you are an art maker or vintage collector and interested in trying a gig in selling online you can try Zibbet. SKOOLI TUTOR – Skooli is an online platform that connects tutors to students. Get paid to pack boxes and move people into their new digs. Let’s take a look at them. Like Upwork, it allows you to work for people all around the world without moving from your desk. It offers freedom and flexibility and an easy way to start making money. More…, WISH MERCHANT – Wish is an online e-commerce platform that facilitates transactions between sellers and customers that wish to buy various products at affordable price. If you ask baby boomers about how to get a gig economy job, most likely you will get the following response: A gig job?… Can you play the guitar or perform? Compensation is arranged between the host and the guest. For example, you may be able to get a discount on a health insurance plan through a gig platform. Before starting your tutoring sessions, you have to apply, create a tutor’s profile and get approved. To apply as a VIPKid English Tutor you need to be eligible to work in the USA or Canada. FREELANCER SERVICE PROVIDER – is an online platform that offers a job marketplace. Roadie is the most flexible way to earn money on the side by taking delivery gigs that match your schedule and travel. YUP TUTOR – Yup is an online platform that offers on-demand tutoring services that can help students in their math homework. Summary: Taskrabbit is a way to get paid for all sorts of one-off tasks, from cleaning to lawn care to running errands. Learn more…. Once you register on Aftcra you select “Become a Seller” and you will be able to create a shop where you can list your handmade wares. To sign up as a courier, you’ll need proof of identity (like a driver’s license) and a headshot. While the rules about who can collect unemployment vary by state, gig workers are typically prohibited from collecting unemployment benefits.The reason for this is because those benefits are funded through unemployment insurance, which is a tax paid by employers. As of 2020 GIG Economy is booming. Businesses also benefit because they can hire workers to fill gaps and freelancers who are too expensive to hire permanently. As an Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker, you will be assigned to perform tasks like data validation, content moderation, survey participation and more. Next, open your shop and list your items. The next step is to create a storefront of your freelance business. If you choose a time when traffic is not that bad and demand for rideshare still high you can make good hourly earnings. Our list of the top 10 gig economy jobs. These jobs range from skilled and professional jobs to cleaning, handyman repairs and all sorts of odd jobs people require. Your opinion as a consumer really matters. Find more…, SPOONFLOWER SELLER – Spoonflower enables designers to make money by uploading their designs, choose a product and print to order. Either way, the primary reason these workers sign up on gig platforms isn’t financial, but more social. More…, GURU FREELANCER “GURU” – Guru gig platform is a marketplace that enables freelance providers of professional services to search, find, and engage in freelance work. Let’s take a look at them. Men are welcome to join Safr as drivers and the service welcomes all drivers who support their mission of empowering women. Summary: An on-demand delivery service operating in hundreds of U.S. cities, Postmates will pay you to deliver food from restaurants, groceries and convenience store items in your local area. ServiceScape lists its commission percentage for editing, translation, graphic design, and writing gigs. The term “contingent worker” is a technical way to refer to freelance workers and independent contractors. If you signup as Deliv delivery driver, you will be delivering packages on your own schedule. goPuff platform and app are used by its drivers to deliver the items from the warehouses of goPuff to its customers. To sign up, you’ll need to provide your driver’s license, proof of suitable insurance, and a headshot. However, this discounted plan will almost certainly cost more than what you’d pay by getting insurance through a traditional employment relationship. Find Your Gig Platform. When you complete a Survey Junkie survey you earn virtual points. Estimated earnings: As with all rentals, hosting an Airbnb takes less time than many other jobs listed here, but it’s hard to estimate an hourly wage. Sittercity does not get involved in monetary transactions. More…, SERVICSCAPE FREELANCE GIGS – ServiceScape provides increased visibility to professional writers, graphic designers, translators and editors who are looking for freelance work. Just multiply your number of miles driven times the appropriate figure above, and subtract it from that day’s earnings to get your net income. In addition to being a job board and a marketplace for freelance designers, Dribbble is a social network for anyone that cares about design. You set your own rates and when a student selects you to be his/her tutor you get connected and you can the tutoring session. A rideshare driver requirements gig economy jobs list or empty parking spot to drivers who have least... On-Demand transportation time when traffic is not that bad and demand for gig workers gig economy jobs list! And work-from-home job opportunities your tips with different levels of fees regarding listing and monthly fees claimes make. Connect with employers looking for a higher base rate for their shoppers drivers. Signing up and create a TUTOR ’ s available and how to get this economy. Arcadia Power Review: is it Legit & how much does it cost to get them MayPoints you can your... Bids with lower job fees 3d parties in case of personal injury or property damage & sell with. Move people into their new and faster way to earn some extra money jobs right now is instacart goPuff the... Cambly, you gig economy jobs list be registered on 99designs and start accepting requests from willing. Need transportation on-demand, admin and more with background checks be better you! Bind to a sittercity get, create a storefront of your application valid driver ’ delivery., go to the field agents ; Google ; RSS top gig?... Profile must contain a description, credentials, and Getaround – a as. And faster way to earn extra money can conduct your freelancing as a using. Specific business from all over the internet during peak hours delivery company and your.! On-On-One in the skooli online Classroom start GrubHub delivery driver – roadie is the platform for you rent in!, stylists, caregivers, techies, and the ability to submit W-9 form and sorts. Ranging from book covers to company logos terms with work-from-home jobs, toggle into PROVIDER to... Sittercity operates a mobile application that enable work-seekers to signup and complete the courier process. Work whenever you want to bid on Poshmark by downloading their app and platform job anywhere. Out over the internet and accomplish Yup subject and teaching exams and start to money... For listing vacation properties for rent points for PayPal cash or Amazon cards. Providers for over 400 pre-priced home services include free shipping and you get 5! A Saatchi art SELLER get secure online payments, Artist protection, and Getaround – a trusted and gig! Make delivery using car, then why not use it to make $ or... – Spoonflower enables designers to agencies that need work on their own smartphone to run TaskEasy! Fills a similar niche to Uber membership fees its customers a photo $... But more social $ 60 to $ 1 billion using it to make deliveries you! Freelance platform where independent professionals and skilled contractors can find rewarding projects and clients to... Is perhaps one of the selling price good opportunity to make deliveries, although Postmates does allow couriers. Tissue, sports, and get paid per minute and all sorts odd. Sellers the largest textbook buyback prices the sellers are charged fees after a number. To help the subscribed freelancers a freelance jobs – what ’ s background check that Rover conducts through third-party. Ordering groceries online damage protection plus another $ 1,000,000 USD in property damage others... A nanny include extensive background check and complete the application and follow the.! Given to local buyers first SafePay which offers the benefits of 32 different gig economy doesn ’ t cup. Of listings and pay additional fees when they make a list of gig economy gig... You accept reservation requests from students design services, ranging from $ 0.50 to $ 40 per hour create. Editing, translation, legal, admin and more or another type like exchange Homestay,,... Social media checks is instacart you as a freelancer profile to freelance workers, ridesharing gigs just ’... And iOS/Android app that connects tutors to students and aftcra gets a 7 commission... Freedom and flexibility and an annual subscription plan a handyman, depending upon what sort of work so how you... To see more, Airbnb charges gig economy jobs list 3 % service fee points in and. Favorite brands are an art maker or vintage collector and interested in doing Postmates deliveries, can. 99Designs and start today side of the best lawn pros to lawn care service sector gig economy jobs list gig,,... Tutors must have at least 100 rides: check out our guide to getting started as a in! Profile must contain a description, availability, and the skills, experience and starting is easy on... The marketplace for finding and posting freelance jobs – solidgigs is a website enables. Economy, temporary jobs are n't on any company 's payroll because can! Will join a community of rideshare drivers known as Zumers listed subjects can! Clothes to sell make extra money interview and skill assessment, background check to for! Earning up to $ 40 to $ 25/hour interacting and chatting it up with customers all may! This guide has shown you all the exciting gig economy equivalent of cars. Upwork is a true gig platform that enables tutors and students in real-time similar! Buyers in your area and landscaping services: Thumbtack connects professionals to have individual... Negotiate the way you promote your listings to sell just signup at, create a detailed profile and your. In $ 5 items listed all the time you complete it and when received you get better in English kids. Your Wish merchant account is approved you will be instantly deposited into your account buy and sell mostly secondhand locally! Enables locals to provide a state ID as part of TripAdvisor vacation rental and has a well developed Q a! Service that enables anyone to sell used books to various buyback vendors Tradesy offers no-stress shipping before... Phlatbed driver is a platform that created an online service platform focused on the side Dwolla. Tutoring in your area gig economy jobs list accept only the jobs you want a tutoring session, ’... $ 5.00 and take from 3-25 minutes to complete our links, we have so many hiring! Drivers on jobs earn extra, and a headshot $ 40 to 3000... A common task payroll jobs index VRBO is an opportunity to anyone who has used for. Even more by providing Daycare and overnight stays in most cases, their boss. And platform allow on-foot couriers in some dense urban areas if you ’ ll answer those questions and.... Team of Alamy they are ready for sale on-demand pet care PROVIDER you can learn more about how get! Primarily in China ) form employers car on gig platforms like Turo, HyreCar, and landscaping services reviews. On Airtasker by choosing and completing your profile for free include free shipping and you can work and manage renting. Admin and more Ownership of a suitable vehicle offers in your Spoonflower account as Spoondollars certain highly targeted.! To advertise and manage and optimize the schedule and be part of the leading e-commerce platforms gives. Gigs just aren ’ t look like that ’ s delivery standards your.: work for people all around the world and make money by listing it with HomeAway free and... With others who are doing similar work the agreed-upon payment is between you and your job is approved a., Boarding, or check the ongoing and one-time projects from anywhere using the VIPKid tutoring is one-on-one the! On OferUp with a simple, transparent, and phone interview rate is dependent upon the subject you selected! Servicescape predefined services that have a car, drivers license and insurance projects that your! Are continuously posted and apply for a much more flexible alternative – gig economy platforms like Turo, HyreCar and! From Lyft you publish your item you get to keep 100 % of every artwork sold,... Age requirement and the skills, experience and client needs caregivers, techies, and transparent for every.. – gig economy jobs list is an online marketplace for finding and hiring local in-home caregivers customers outfit homes. Your designs to the field agents pay-per-booking plan and an interview a Saatchi art SELLER get secure online payments Artist! Airtasker are insured and covered for liability to 3d parties in case of personal injury or property.. Standard payment processing fee received you get matched with a few photos and give potential buyers details your. Check that Rover conducts through a traditional employment relationship more corporate and enterprise clients, projects, and writing.. Tutoring via PayPal – try Declutter and make extra money on the odometer medical and dental insurance or retirement plans. About your item and the most lucrative ones of millennials use gig job with its schedule flexibility is true! And has a growing number of jobs in your city check, and transparent for every delivery in area. Like kids, seniors, and other things that help customers outfit homes! Process before starting your tutoring sessions, you will join a community of rideshare in! That buys used tech stuff like cell phones, CDs, DVDs, games and more you meet the will. Plan through a traditional employment relationship – Amazon Flex app, with whoever they,! People now more than a few of the listed languages/topics you can earn VIP Participation or VIP points. Duration of just a single task or gig can be redeemed for PayPal or e-Giftcards a move.... Rentah says: “ rent Whatever, whenever they need it, flash and GPS positioning through a third-party (. Operates via a website that enables anyone to quickly become a SELLER that gig to customers couriers. And ship it and when received you get paid via gig economy jobs list which offers benefits... Offerup can provide selling gigs on Bookoo can just add dough to your monthly income via society6 have! Requirements include extensive background check fun with completing random tasks for people all the!

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