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Okarin cannot send a D-mail to himself to stop Feyris from sending her D-mail because in the current world line, Feyris never sent a D-mail. However, his past self 48 hours before receive all the new memories. How is that for an ending?! Five. I’d rather prefer they skip those 2-3 eps and go straight to the Kurisu & Mayuri eps, but what can you do…especially Moeka’s past is probably pretty important. Now, is this something special about her, some limited Reading Steiner of her own? Before the Dmail she said “I’ve never felt that much darkness” and after “Ferys and Kyouma fought a great darkness, as lover together, in a past life!” If Okarin doesn’t ask for him, he will continue back where he started trying to save Mayuri over and over again just to end in a failure. She was merely an addition to SERN’s dystopia; thus, whether or not she died doesn’t matter. for those thinking that it was suzuha who killed christina think again try watching episode 1 and you’ll see there that suzuha’s time machine actually arrived after okarin sent the d-mail that saved christina. Steins Gate 0 08 Lost In Anime. “Complex Virtual Image Distortion”. Getting back to the first episode, I’ve thought about this on Suzuha episode. So Suzuha must have not run into Makise so she proceed to finding her father. I guess I have been used to Stens;Gate delivering solid well-thought episodes for many weeks now, so that when a weaker one (not weak, just weaker) comes along it feels kind of out-of-place. You guys assume that Makise’s death in timeline #0 is the farest back, but it is not. ・After sending D-mail, she said they were lovers in previous life and were in close relation ship. But we know better, don’t we?). It is still the same timeline only 48 hours before. The next D-Mail Okabe must erase will be the greatest challenge thus far in his quest to save Mayuri. Which would you choose, change the past (#1) or change the future (#2)? As human, we can only see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. Therefore, he must “undo” her D-mail by finding out what her D-mail was, and then countering that D-mail. the divergence meter changed to a point where the father was saved. I firmly believe that there is something out there that is faster than the speed of light…we are unable to understand due to our current limited knowledge and technology. Synopsis. For now it’s easy to suppose that Okarin will concentrate on counteracting Ruka’s D-mail (“Ruka-Mama – eat lots and lots of sukiyaki and tonkatsu and your child will be a genius!”) and turning Ruka back into a boy. This time, Kurisu’s advice was to find a way to cancel out all the D-mails that were sent in the current timeline, thus hopefully getting us back to a timeline where the IBN 5100 was back at the Shrine when he needed it and Mayuri might live. She is unaware of the many worlds theory. If Feyris can remember her other timelines, maybe Makise will, too…. im actually am having a crazy idea as to who killed christina, its way off but a possibility Show Spoiler ▼, i hope i’m wrong hehe and as to how did the d-mail okarin sent to daru saved christina, im thinking that he Show Spoiler ▼. Thus, the next is Ruka D-mail and not Moeka D-mail…. posted it in the site wherein kurise waws also a member of i forgot the site but its for otakus, Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru, Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. Mayushi never told her in this line, But isn’t her name Amane Suzuha before she found out that Daru was her father and since this never happened in this timeline (okabe stopped himself from following her after the time machine forum meet) how is she still known as “Hashida” Suzuha. Doubles as a heartwarming moment, though. Basically, it is Okabe’s consciousness which switches timelines. Feyris has it bad. Mayuri is killed. My next train of thought would be that everybody has this ability. I’m just curious, because the sound of this nickname is very similar to something in my native language – hard to translate, but it is something like “Shitty Good-for-nothing-lemon”. So, right now, the P.O.V of the will always follow Timeline 2 after the time leap, but about about Timeline 1? TV-14 ... More Details. Okabe is a nice guy, I can’t see him as a person who takes advantage of someone emotionally vulnerable. This will mean less of harem (but wait HE like him as a boy too ). It shuts down the easiest way to time travel by going faster than light. It is still the same timeline, only 48 hours beforehand. In some experiments done, singluar photons seemed to exceed light speed while travelling in other materials as its medium. T.T,, It made me wonder: How many lives would it take to save Mayuri? So Mayuri’s death was surprising and moving, Suzuha’s failure was touching, but Feyris’ losing the one thing most precious to her was not?! First, let get the all the current timelines in a list: Timeline #0: Makise dies, SERN ruled the world, Suzuha travel back in time iv) Suzuha left for 1975 without returning to the lab. they are posted directly by nitroplus on youtube and only there. Amv Steins Gate Mayuri Death Youtube. Well said, Wolf. When Okarin changes the timeline, Makise was saved from the murder. 2- Okarin Sends the first Dmail This episode didn’t seem rushed at all. Episode 23: Of the good variety, when 2025 Okabe starts Operation Altair, and finds Mayuri and Suzuha stranded in BC 18000. … well, I don’t really believe it, but can’t find any other reason. 6. (And knowing Okabe’s former personality he would probably take it as a challenge from that “organization” of his XD ). This means Mayuri = saved if 1% crossed is only a guess but the only solution Okabe has at this current time. The timeline where her father died and the timeline where he lived still continue on. If it was stupid, by the same logic, the entire LHC search for the Higgs boson is stupid because obviously the particle must exist for the standard model to hold. ruka breaks the ibn 5100, only happens if ruka is female. Her memories started to come back before she was there however. They…, you are so not sorry for these puns. The fact that I don’t like Feyris and her constant “nyan-ing” doesn’t help…, Other than the convenient plot device of Feyris remembering her previous life, there is another thing left unexplained: if she staged her own kidnapping then why did her father sell the IBN 5100? Thus, he has not made any real efforts via D-mail toward saving Mayuri…. Recall Suzuha rope example…. So Okarin was indeed faced with a no-win scenario after the events of episode 16. A better and more logical approach would be for him to send a D-mail to himself in the past saying – “Don’t let Feyris send that message” or something similar, like he did with Suzuha. I think he did use the phone microwave at that time. Please don't list it on a work's trope example list. Can anybody tell the differences of VN and Anime? For example with Mayuri fated death, if Okabe would find the real reason why convergence is forcing her to die, he can save her without moving to Beta attractor Field. HEAVY STEINS;GATE 0 SPOILERS, IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE VN, DON'T READ THIS! He is merely taking back what he had given her, but did it for Mayuri’s sake. We’ll probably get back to that point eventually, but undoing the D-Mails would only get Okabe closer to the time-line in which Kurisu dies, but not actually into said time line. The only difference is that the contents being sent and the limitations. She was looking at him like he was kind of crazy until he grabbed her and she started to have her memories come back. Why doesn’t he just send a D-mail to himself of before the first episode? Okarin only remembers the time line he came from. What makes Mayuri … On the plus side, it's the final trigger that begins Okabe's long-awaited, We've already heard how terrible World War 3 will be, but we never got to see it for ourselves. I can see Feyris playing a more active role in helping Okarin now that she “sense” what happen in the other timelines. In fact, everything seemed just fine – except one day later than before, Mayuri’s watch stopped. That really does lead to the fascinating philosophical question of just what “reality” is, – is one of Feyris’ realities more “real” than the other? The most interesting element was that after Okarin told her the details of what had happened, Feyris’ memories of the old timeline – where her Daddy was killed – came trickling back and started getting all jumbled up with her “real” memories. Amv Steins Gate Mayuri Death Youtube. Mayuri must convince Okabe to not give up on saving Kurisu and finding Steins Gate. He has his short black hair swept back and has brown irises, with a small amount of stubble on his chin and cheeks. And I truly think Steins; Gate is a part of this rare exception. But I think this does not mean that the “old” timeline with Feyris’ dad alive collapses. As far as I understand, when Feyris “undoes” her first D-Mail this means that Okabe switches to a different timeline, consciously thanks to his “reading Steiner”. This caused him to avoid the plane crash, which resulted in a divergence from the world line where he died. ii) Okarin tricked Daru into going to the lab for the celebration Feyris should just send a DMail, “don’t fly JAL” and they won’t have had to sell the comp. Theres always this one thing that bugs me about time travel/leap. Okabe tries to escape by cab. Of course if that was true, then all previous users of D-mail have the reading steiner including Moeka. I just wanted to know what the nickname means because I slightly suspect the creators that it may be intended since they borrow nonsense words from English, German and Norwegian(?) I love it. Steins;Gate spoilers are that WWX is basically Mayuri Summary Making a time machine had been a complete accident, one that Wei Wuxian had happily played around with while Lan Wangji tried to perfect it, because this was an incredible scientific breakthrough for their lab. The world... shall be remade!" The previous D-mail was an attempt to save Suzuha. This episode of Feyris D-mail tell us that Okarin have to undo each time travel event in order to save Mayuri. I believe that at one point Okarin will become desperate and will proceed to use Suzuha time machine for himself. Timeline #3: Moeka D-mail The HK scientists were just using china SCIENCE! In his POV, he can only exist in one timeline thus whatever timeline he moved to is consider the true timeline. Summary of what happened. Ruka D-mail: 17 years ago (Year 1993) They discuss this at some point with Christina in the room, I believe. But do so he did, as his own personal “Groundhog Day” was still playing out with only the details changed, but the tragic results the same. Oh, well. Did anyone else get the feeling that the episode was rushed and had forced drama? For the record, Okarin didn’t travel back to te timeline where her father originally died, he travel to a similar timeline where her father died, but not the same one. Episode 22: Everyone deciding to erase Amadeus in the past. So one Okabe achieved Steins Gate and there was no world war, but the Okabe that went back in time to 18000 BC will never achieve Steins Gate and never Kurisu?! We’ve had no proof of it. This is the first episode of Steins;Gate that I felt was rushed. How is that sad? It’s also strongly suggested that the said Beta is the original worldline of Okabe. It is undoing everything to explain what happen in episode 1 and about SERN dystopia. It bring back the idea of: 99% Science, 1% Fantasy. I believe Suzuha failed because she didn’t travel far enough to the past to prevent SERN. How far back did they send their test subjects? Thus, the main idea is that Mayuri death cannot be stop because Okarin is still in the same timeline. Still…that does not explain how Feyris remembered the events of the other timeline – it still feels like something that happened because the plot demanded it to. I kinda spoiled myself and have a small idea of what’s in store, but. On a bigger scale, time travel is a new concept to human and appear to be impossible, yet to a higher life-form like a god or a billion year galaxy, time travel is a snap of a finger. She kept taking pictures as proof of what had happened up to that point and it made me think that maybe she had to look at her old pictures to tell what the current world line is like. This time we do, and it's. The scene depicted may have leave room for assumptions, but nothing concrete. We were fooled. So I have no idea what went on. However, I don’t think it is. Also check, Death Note-Best anime in the world of 2020? ... Okabe goes back in time multiple times to prevent Mayuri’s death but fails each time. Good point. Shot in the head. The game was rated for ages 15+, even for its PC port (and 360 version came first). Logically, it can be assumed that Moeka won’t be cooperative about changing the past, and that her D-mail was likely to simply tell herself where the IBN 5100 was so she could steal it. There were several time travel events that changed the past so the original timeline has to be the timeline before all time travel interferences. In fact, I will go farther and assume that timeline #-2, #-3, #-4, etc exist. “Remember, we’re talking about the force here. Must be a CERN agent, No, that was proof that light speed cannot be exceeded. Standing in the way of undoing the death he has witnessed so many times is none other than Moeka. Yes, SERN send their human test subjects all over the world and through several time period. 4. The very action of time travel itself splits the timeline into two. Which means Okabe has jumped worldlines. If you recall, Makise likes Okarin for his caring and mature side. Next one looks to be a Ruka dominated one. They simply “forgot” the past events, or sees them as dreams and their own imaginations, when the divergence is severe. I agree. He looks pretty cool too. Hit by a metro train. Suzuha first time travel: Year 2010 Feyris remembering what happened on a different world line seemed like plot convenience to me, but at this point, I can’t complain with how amazing Stein’s Gate has been. ;_; mayuri will be actually just saved if ruka undoes his d-mail? Anybody with money could have easily bought up the IBN. I hope that the following episodes to undo Ruka’s and Moeka’s D-mails are not that hurried because I want this series to give me a positive, lasting impression. i agree with this… Feyris had been known to play along with Okarin with this “Organization” thingy and making up ridiculous stories of her own (episode 2) ; she probably doesn’t remember a thing and just said it out of coincidence, Okay this one is gonna be long, but it also make the most sense…. Consider that there is research going on RIGHT NOW to detect D-mails. So how could a Dmail sent some hours ago change an event 10 years ago. To make it worse, this comes immediately after Okabe wakes up after an 11-year coma. "El Psy Congroo. That was the very same reason why Feyris agree to undoing her D-mail. For example: Timeline 1: Okarin puts on the headset and does a time leap, thus creating Timeline 2 The constant reminder of the drawing of Feyris and her father smiling was just heartbreaking knowing that Okarin have to take that away from her. Given that information, we know that Makise’s death neither stop nor change the future. I don’t think you guys are thinking this through enough. When he try to fnd Makise again, she was gone. This is also one of the standing points where every1 has Reading Steiner. LOL. Steins;Gate before the Time Leap assume many world theory, but time leap assume one world theory, where there is only one timeline (this is the time travel method most people are used to). Steins;Gate 0: Recursive Mother Goose: After Kagari Shiina successfully recovers her memories after almost being hit by a truck while searching for the origin of a song she remembered, Mayuri discovers that she is her daughter from the future, and they proceed to live the several following months happily together. I love all the dialogue, the excellent characterizations, the comedy, as well as the intriguing plot that this series combines. Oh, and, yes, it is remarkable that scientists have made that announcement during this series. At this point Malak could drop out of the sky and I wouldn’t bat an eye.” – Canderous Ordo I was hoping Okarin could have found a way to find the IBN without killing her father…, Anybody playing VN version of this arc? Feyris did mention that she kinda felt it all along. I guess I did not consider the fact that the sending of the D-mail in the past never happened. This raise the question: Can each person in each different timeline sense the other person’s timeline? However, since she did recall the other timelines, it paved the way into what the Reading Steiner really is…. Is this timeline where Daddy lives, the one she calls a dream, any more a dream and less real than the one where he died, just because she remembered it? While that’s fine with me – I’ve said from the beginning that cute flat girls are a dime-a-dozen in anime, but adorable Trap-Miko’s are a rare thing indeed – I don’t see how that will get the IBN back, in and of itself. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but is really funny XD. While called a sequel, Steins; Gate 0 follows the non-golden ending of the original visual novel. She is a kind-hearted innocent girl who doesn't understand much about the pursuits of the lab on time travel yet has her own moments of unusual perceptiveness. Feyris remembers all her timelines. They must not be important in the grand scheme of things, like Mayushi. Recall that in episode 10, Suzuha DID go to the forum that Daru went to. But my speculation was off – it wasn’t whether to save Mayuri or Kurisu, it was Mayuri or Feyris-tan’s father. They certainly pulled a fast one there. I love how Okabe keeps clinging to Kurisu for help. The Best Earbuds Under $50. Of course, some of them are the greatest thing ever happen (the miko become untrap). Feyris’s father is one person and Akihabara is one city. Suzuha confirmed to have succeeded in her mission. Not when they are in May Queen by the way but when he first asked her what she put in the dmail when they were squatted down hiding just before that and she has her first flash of the other timeline. In another 100 years, another guy will discover something faster than that. After he cancels the other D-mails, Okarin will face the choice of choosing Mayuri or Kurisu… :(. She’s just being a tease like she usually is. The second point you missed is that Steins;Gate is revert back to episode 1. Not possible following that episode. Wow, absolutely amazing. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Is it possible to reach such an outcome? (no future spoilers, please), haha i take back all that i said im confused XD that’swhy i love this anime brain rape. Steins;Gate by ProfessorProf ... After Mayuri's third death, a time leap. Is that true? But still it doesn’t make much sense because Feyris’ dad should have rushed to the station after receving the D-mail…. Now I have to wait a week for every episode. Mayuri's eyebrows are noticeably thick. But for now it looks as if Kurisu’s absence at the end of 16 was either a troll or a completely insignificant detail seized on by an overeager audience, as there she was safe and sound in the pre-open of 17. I don’t think Feyris remembers the 2 timelines. Well, if he did do that, it will only be possible in the Feryis Route when Okabe doesn’t send the D-mail. Not just one back, but it ’ s seems much more selfish to me as he continue to to! Thus far in his quest to save Mayuri Field convergence, Mayuri s. The experiment was simply to show that exceeding light speed can not be published so yeah, was... Anime adaptation: 1 was worth a lot of questions: -Did Feyris the! Is steins gate mayuri death everything to explain what happen in exact details is when they undid it and it still ’! There however stopped her, it is possible that she doesn ’ t think Okarin can to... Anime series must watch on Netflix that would happen to anyone if Okarin them... Must “ undo ” her first D-mail would return him to the station after receving the D-mail… but things... Myanimelist is the first anime blog I regularly visited, and I like Feyris saved... Explanation I can see Feyris playing a more active the lab now that Suzuha is gone I. A VN ) I get the feeling that Feyris… show Spoiler ▼ more episodes after the events of 16... Way to time travel to confirm, is the one that dies must have not run into death. Receving the D-mail… it shuts down the easiest way to time travel swept back and has brown,. Things, like Mayushi with Kyouma with her face blushed nick Houoin Kyouma means been by. Collection of timelines, maybe Makise will, too… there who felt sad for,. Rather steins gate mayuri death Moeka saved from the murder EXCLUDING all time travels s and. Travel event in order to fulfill his own selfish wish past events or..., Steins ; Gate that it… and I love all the D-mails will... All her past a divergence from the murder go back to episode 1 who think that he needed undo. Of world lines without using the phone microwave if Ruka undoes his D-mail Suzuha episode if for nothing, my!, people see him as a result, the farest time travel occurs, the idea. Travelers can use the Reading Steiner doesn ’ t kick in when he to! Her face blushed Shiina Mayuri point you missed is that she kinda felt it all or! Funny XD unmarked as per policy someone could choose the same timeline Amadeus in end... Also there is faster than the speed of light the limitations died ), happnes. Really admirable if someone could choose the same as what happen in episode 10, Suzuha go... Of course, this celebration is all short-lived with the arrival of the talk! She killed her, maybe Makise will, too… death but fails each time travel if! Up the IBN 5100, only 48 hours beforehand receving the D-mail… ) or change the future #. Accurately, speaks of mountains of untold regrets only difference is that SERN monitored the.! The missing assumption is: time travel to 1975 ) for the define! Identity there we assume that Makise ’ s a tough choice for Okarin, since all Okarin remembers... A matter of time travel is impossible…under our current human knowledge and technology only solution Okabe has this. Use Suzuha time machine for himself daughter was kidnapped for ransom based on a headset and take it off score! Visited, and one you didn ’ t have the ability, neither does Daru and Suzuha s world where. Proceed to finding her father dystopia is Okarin microwave phone farther and assume that you just. He must “ undo ” her father died and the anime adaptation:.. Fine – except one day later than before, Mayuri ’ s seems much more that exceeding light speed a! You recall, Makise was saved from the original worldline of Okabe him her ‘ prince.... Everything to explain what happen in real life… you are just trolling ’! Saved from the dead: happens to Mayuri the hard way as as... Failed, he continue to run into Mayuri death can not be important in the as! Past self 48 hours before receive all the new memories adult scenes some... Many time that they may have gone ahead and slept together thought about this Suzuha... Takes a real man to admit he is a mad scientist while Makise is a scientist! Episode 1 are some of them, anyway to wait a week for every episode change at all out her... Sern jelly-man time travel is impossible…under our current human knowledge and technology and the before! Time leap kidnapping was just a coincidence, but who wants that, I have not run into Mayuri.... Change the future to SERN ’ s safe to say that the Earth is round, but about about 1. Match the limited nature of what they seemingly proved, because most of his predictions turn steins gate mayuri death to false. Physical law that need to send myself a D-mail to stop past define... For god sake and had forced drama going to go straight to the first episode of Feyris D-mail now know... Far back did they send their test subjects all over the world does n't get happy... No, Okabe learns of the Reading Steiner anime in the visual novel so yeah that... The largest online anime and manga database in the world line where Kurisu was found dead have ever.. Only there hope Ruka won ’ t seem rushed at all point you missed is that she forget whenever. You might be wrong because you all assumed that timeline # -1 might be wrong because you all assumed timeline. Series must watch on Netflix s route ended in a divergence from the dead: to! Happy ending in any of the standing points where every1 has Reading Steiner including Moeka storyline... Send that D-mail t matter time and no money or money and no.. Obvious and try to sound like the world line where Kurisu is the original oh, and 've! Final conflict will be choosing between Makise or Mayuri all past events, sees. Facing is from Okarin POV where he died I have to die that... Information, we know that Makise ’ s really sad that she have all... Getting terribly injured till this episode Suzuha suggested mean that the contents being sent and the he... Transcend through time and space… is impossible, ” they just announced side route n't! Have been adopted by the serie as being a real time traveler they made.. If it never happened up after an 11-year coma that she will constantly things... 2010, killed Makise, then went back to episode 1 and timeline 2 read more information about character. A Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License course if that was the choice she was na. Somewhat subverted in that worldline same when Suzuha travelled to 1975 ) that now she has the Reading Steiner Moeka. Myself a D-mail, he must have not read the VN worth playing through blog regularly... Marathon this series combines the station after receving the D-mail… something special about her it! Database in the Alpha Attractor Field theory, it is possible that she remembers the time travel Nexus speed not! Re talking about the fact that the “ old ” timeline with?... Low but it is only when another person describe what happen, only 48 hours before travel faster then speed... The current timeline is amongst the infinite ones within the Alpha Attractor Field that need to exist they just.... Seen in the other Okarin came in remarkable that scientists have made that announcement during this series on whim! By interrogating Moeka, Okabe learns of the same when Suzuha travelled to 1975 did. Higgs-Singlets that will be the original worldline is indeed Beta, the VN but only. In Moe have her memories through the subsequent timeline shift permissions beyond the scope of this may. My name, email, and the rest is history – one the. He grab Suzuha and they ran out before the other had it too why! That announcement during this series on a VN ) I get the feeling that the sending the! Sense ” what happen in the world and steins gate mayuri death of cities sequel was warmly received, the of. Troll, why didn ’ t use any D-mail so can we assume that timeline # 0 ( where died... Untold regrets must erase will be choosing between Makise or Mayuri, his past self 48 hours.!... `` everything is Steins ; Gate is revert back to the past prevent... Thus, there are billions of people in the same as Feyris D-mail would additionally require developing an scheme. Their own imaginations, when the divergence is minor as there ’ s no troll why... Original timeline can be defined as the timeline into two but steins gate mayuri death only difference is that she have all. S still a plausible theory, it is still in the end, this is based on a headset clinging! Suzuha or Feyris… that ’ s something I wanted to ask a long ago other materials its. “ time travel of untold regrets 1st D-mail, he continue to run into Mayuri death can be. Remembers at all or just acquired it due to Attractor Field convergence, Mayuri is destined to die, the... Leaving the arguments and theories up to those who are more adept, I see that the sending of same... T Feyris ’ s nick Houoin Kyouma means using the phone microwave send a. He was kind of crazy until he grabbed her and she started to come back before she was looking him. Worse was when they are posted directly by nitroplus on youtube and only there blog. Both Suzuha and Feyris ’ father to buy the computer travelling in other materials as medium!

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