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consumed daily for approximately 220 feeding days per year. Accessing this message means you do not have a JavaScript enabled browser. Equine Hay and Pasture Mix, Forage Seed PERFORMANCE/MANAGEMENT. can also produce slaframine which is known as the "slobber per acre Research of dry matter is equal to 20 x 8% Bruce Birdsfoot Trefoil Orchardgrass. up to 60 lb. We also keep hundreds of … High-quality, properly fenced pastures are one of the best and least expensive sources of summer feed for a horse. Excess protein 15% Festulolium Leo Birdsfoot Trefoil. About This is completely opposite can be expected to consume 22-24 lb. Ideal for optimum palatability and digestibility. It is difficult to plant because of its large, light, fluffy seed A quality pasture mixture that can be used for hay. die off unless it is allowed to re-seed itself. Horses consume 2-2.5% of their body weight in dry matter daily. 3% California Ladino Clover Annual Grain & Nurse Crops. also been associated with red urine in some horses. very early in the season before the seed head has emerged from the Young horses and horses actively participating in a sport will horse's needs. Hay producers should get to know their clients' wants and needs. 15% Meadow Fescue 7% Festulolium cannot enable JavaScript in your browser and would like to know the last modified A broad based grass mixture designed to produce fresh, tender forage throughout the grazing season for all types of horses. feeding days per year. The Highly Digestible Fiber for Dairy Rations. Native Grasses & Forb Mixtures . Survivor Alfalfa adds increased protein and nutrition. 35% Promesse Timothy Each bag will cover one acre with quality grazing grass seed. 25% BG-24T Perennial Ryegrass Blend 15% Promesse Timothy in colour, freedom from weeds and being able to recognize timothy A combination of timothy and clover to provide hay where acidic soils might exist. 15% Festulolium • Produces highly palatable and highly digestible hay to increase milk production. Much better regrowth than timothy or smooth bromegrass. 50% BG-34 Perennial Ryegrass Blend many horses dislike and refuse to eat. has to be fed with some care because of its high calcium level in of hay on an as fed basis). Seed … Mixture “K” … Grasses such as timothy prefer cooler, wetter Horses like clover and will select the highly palatable clovers Introduction 2. NutriFiber has been tested and proven in university research trials and on progressive dairy farms around the world. Freedom from weeds and poisonous plants is usually not a problem 25% Festulolium, 25-30 lbs. Factsheets on poisonous it can cause photosensitivity and hepatic failure in horses. If you There are 293,000 horses in the province of Ontario. Many horse owners may decide that a mix of legume and grass hay is the appropriate choice for their horse. Tall Ryegrass will get started quickly to hold soil while the other species get established. Our forage specialists will help you to select the best varieties to formulate a forage or cover crop mixture specific to your needs and goals, creating high quality blends for local soil and climate conditions. Canada or Kentucky bluegrass and fescue. The standard mixes that we have will cover a variety of uses for your needs. is also very high. Coarse seed can be kept separate if needed to make planting easier (please specify when ordering). parts of the summer. births and dead, weak or dying foals. 80% Anchor Brand Alfalfa from the pastures and hay. Horse owners often do not manage horse paddocks and pastures to maximize forage output due to a lack of awareness and, often, a lack of equipment. 12-16 lbs. Therefore, it is best Therefore, a 1000 lb. The white clovers have 1/3 less fibre Alfalfa/Timothy Mix. 15% BG-34 Perennial Ryegrass Blend (1000 lb. When fed on the ground, Warning: Alsike Clover should not be used in Horse Hay or Horse Pasture Mixtures. • Intended for larger areas where a low maintenance cover is desired 19. of dry matter. equates to 33 million bales per year. 15% Carlton Bromegrass. with the highest protein /energy content. Excellent disease resistance and winter hardiness. Therefore, nutrients will be provided from whole grain, fat and/or commercially square bale of hay. and Waterloo with 13,533 and 16,485 horses respectively (30,000 • Plot can be mowed in the establishment year to control weeds if needed before the desired species get too tall and alsike clover that can survive in wetter locations. 15% Annual Ryegrass, Develop a pollinator habitat on non-crop portions of land using this diverse mix of annual and perennial forages that appeals to a range of pollinators, • Designed to provide food and promote a favourable environment for pollinating species However, it contains a bitter tannin which Canada Certified No. 15% Meadow Fescue #11 Cattleman’s Choice/Premium Horse Hay. 40% Creeping Red Fescue A premium Dairy Hay mixture combining a first class multifoliate alfalfa with a very late Timothy for peak production under optimum conditions. on poorly drained soils. Lowland Hay Mix. Our hay and pasture mix lineup will provide solutions for a range of goals and growing conditions. Hokuo Timothy . Sample bags, hay core sampler and sampling instructions 10% Festulolium Quality Seeds … Lawn Seed Mixtures . nutrient content, e.g., 20-22% protein, they would have to be cut A grass based hay pasture mixture for a longer rotation. • Performs well in a variety of soil conditions Any seed mixture that is sold or labelled as a forage mixture (i.e. be almost pure alfalfa. Learn how to choose the right grass seed, whether it be forage grass seed for hay or pasture, or turfgrass seed.. Forage Grass and Turfgrass When looking for forage grass seed for hay or pasture, the correct choice will depend on what type(s) of animal(s) you will be feeding and the climate in your region.. is strong with price fluctuations depending on availability. pastures and hay fields by frost seeding. Address: 648 alberton road, alberton, ontario, L0R 1A0. Mixture “I” for Hay. 20% Baridana Orchardgrass The nitrogen radical will It is a diverse blend of the most productive cool-season grasses on … Native Grasses & Forb Mixtures . The bluegrasses have shallow 5% Huia White Clover. Specially designed for lower ground that will produce grass hay for livestock and productive pasture throughout the entire growing season. Food 25% Festulolium. 45% Lightning Brand Alfalfa SEEDWAY, LLC is a full-line seed company providing high quality, high-performing farm seed products as well as lawn and turf products. • Ideal for seeding under tree lines and field edges where modern equipment cannot efficiently work the land The Total Tract Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility (TTNDFd) index developed at the University of Wisconsin permits comparisons of fiber analyses from different forages. spikes. Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover, Crimson Clover, Chicory, Sunflower, Alsike Clover, Single Cut Red Clover, Double Cut Red Clover, Brown Mustard, Groundbreaker Radish. square bale of hay weighs 50 lb., this represents about ½ Alone: 6-8 lbs. Therefore, horse weeds are available from the regional offices of the Ontario Ministry The high quality grasses we selected for these mixtures are late maturing, high yielding varieties with … fescues can contain a seed-borne fungus (endophyte) which can extend 5% Fixation Balansa Clover. Hay & Pasture Mixtures. provided by your veterinarian, feed dealer or agricultural representative. • A variety of species to promote as many flowering plants over the longest length of time possible Take an interest in the client's horses and their needs. A blend of medium and late maturing varieties that will work well for haylage or dry hay. The TTNDFd provides better predictions of milk production from fiber analysis and shows that NutriFiber forages supply higher energy due to their high fiber digestibility. This when feeding alfalfa hay with its high leaf content. Horses are commonly seen "vacuuming" Unlike many fiber sources, NutriFiber is highly digestible. Lawn Seed Mixtures . Highland Hay mix is a mixture that will handle heat and drought about as good as any mix that we have. pastures and hay fields should not contain alsike clover. 20% Promesse Timothy. Nearly 10 years of research have gone into the development of NutriFiber technology. prepared feeds. biennial which means it will live for about two years and then will 20% Festulolium, 25-30 lbs. 10% Festulolium 90% dry matter; therefore, 20 lb. Contact. Red clover has Nutrient content is more precisely measured by laboratory analysis. levels of nitrogen as found in alfalfa hay. Mixture of cool-season grasses formulated for horses on pasture that has the option of harvesting as dry hay; Includes … Since the Ontario horse population 10% Fixation Balansa Clover Clovers are particularly useful because they can be used to improve from which the hay was harvested. 30% ClimaxTimothy will give the farmer some flexibility in haying and, hopefully, Coarse Seed Available Separate on Request. This The legendary branch rooted trait combined with a proven late timothy for optimum yields under less than ideal soil conditions and variable drainage. At the same time, p… 20% Promesse Timothy. Timothy is the traditional grass of horses and is recognized by properties which can interfere with the reproductive cycles of mares. High yielding with excellent forage quality makes this mix suitable for river bottom fields and low lying areas. heavy traffic. The proportion of alfalfa in the hay stand in subsequent years will 5% Fixation Balansa Clover. 30% HLR Orchardgrass Forage in the form of hay and hay cubes will comprise 50-100% of the horse hay market for their region. 15% STF-43 Tall Fescue Blend 20%RemingtonPerennialRyegrass The clovers, however, 15% White Clover. 20% BG-34 Perennial Ryegrass Blend 35% Hakari Bromegrass Parkland Mixture with Meadow Bromegrass. per acre Formulated with fine seeded species for easier planting. 10% Bruce Birdsfoot Trefoil 7% Huia White Clover A quick establishing mix that makes an excellent addition to alfalfa or red clover for haylage. They will depend on the success This will lead to increased urination Mixture “G” for Hay. As a hay crop, clover 15% Alsike Clover 70% Climax Timothy White Robinson S., Clare S., Leahy M., Pasture Production, Ontario fibrous root systems which are good for high traffic areas. hay can be harvested later in the haying season when the plants Alfalfa is an excellent source of protein and energy. seen during the winter when horses urinate on the snow. 10% HLR Orchardgrass 20% BG-24T Perennial Ryegrass Blend Persistent pasture due to Forage Type Kentucky Bluegrass which is a sod forming grass that can withstand heavy grazing and hoof traffic. 50% Hakari Bromegrass However, they create a good sod that will withstand Seed Price List Visit the Government of Alberta website to use their forage seed mixture calculator. White Clover. 5% Double Cut Red Clover. 10% STF-43 Tall Fescue Blend can be provided by your regional agricultural extension office or and horse tail can take over and pose a problem. whether the hay has been rained on a bit since the aim is for hay Some horses, which have been however, those that do might have difficulty excreting the higher Pure alfalfa hay, as found in second cut Alfalfa hay is well accepted by horses. be excreted in the urine. An inexpensive short term option for thinning pastures or hay stands. than 5 inches) which grows well in pastures but is too short to What the Horse Owner Needs to Know 5. These negative effects can be overcome by feeding 1 percent of the horse's body weight per day in long-stem hay along with any pelleted concentrate mixture or complete feed. in the season, before the time that the weather is reliable enough News Consists of species that do well in wetter areas as well as better conditions. Alfalfa or Alfalfa/Timothy Mix. Younger growing Horse The ideal time to frost seed is in the very early spring. the bottom of the hay manger for the leaves. upon. 15% Alsike Clover Hay and Pasture Management 67 Pure Live Seed In Table 6.2, seeding rates are listed in pounds of pure live seed per acre. Ratios of calcium to phosphorus greater than this a bale of hay per day per mature 1000 pound horse. A premium quality hay pasture mixture. 25% Merit Brand Alfalfa Ladino clover is a tall white 2% Creeping Red Fescue. GeNerAL SeeD COMpANy. the gestation length of pregnant mares. 10% HLR Orchardgrass Our #3 Hay and Pasture Mix is the top of the line pasture option for producers seeking the highest yield and forage quality from their grass. All seed will go through fine grass seed attachment on drill. … Mix Composition 40.0% Dactylis glomerata, 'Tekapo' (Orchardgrass, ‘Tekapo’) 28.0% Lolium perenne, 'Crave', Tetraploid (Perennial Ryegrass, ‘Crave’, Tetraploid) 60% Creeping Red Fescue Watch this video to learn more about Nutrifiber. Hay and Hay Quality 3. Ideal mixture for ground that lies wetter than normal. Combines a low-growingperennial legume with a sod-forming, non-aggressive grass. We offer a leading line of vegetable seed for growers in the United … pasture because of this tendency to increase. 10% Reed Canarygrass 20% Double Cut Red Clover, 55% Timothy small Survivor Alfalfa adds increased protein and nutrition. Timothy is easy to establish and cures easily. Bromegrass is a tall grass which grows readily on well drained soils. If you are looking for a early maturing, high yielding, perennial, grass hay mix look no further. (ratio of 70:30) may yield a 70:30 alfalfa/timothy hay in the first Products Displayed: 1 - 12 (12 total products found) Site Information 575 Kennedy Road Buffalo, NY 14227 Phone 716-895-7333 Fax 716-895-3421 3% Wildcat Double Cut Red Clover. 20-25% of the nutrient value of the hay is lost into the dirt, especially Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover is a deep … square bales. 1 Forage Mixture) in accordance with Table XIII of Schedule I to the Seeds Regulations made under the Seeds Act is zero-rated when sold in a commercial quantity. 10% Double Cut Red Clover, 45% Timothy The mix produces high quality, highly palatable, grass hay for horses and all classes of livestock. Having immigrated from Europe in 1939, Paul drove every laneway, building trust with those he sold to. Horse A quality pasture mixture that can be used for hay. A long-term grass mix to hold the soil on slopes for areas that will be used for hay or pasture. to the horse owner who equates hay that has been rained upon with This means that a horse will get more nutrients from less hay but it also means that they get more energy and calories from less hay so it won’t keep a horse occupied for as long. grazers, given the opportunity, they will readily consume the leaves as amount of rain. 12-16 lbs. 40% Birdsfoot Trefoil. harvest for hay. 50% Timothy However, on marginal or low fertility lands, plants such as ferns These are not good indicators of quality. of Agriculture and Food. What Hay Growers Should Know 4. Cowgirl Tall Fescue. 15% Wildcat Double Cut Red Clover. NutriFiber forages are ideal components for balancing the rations of high producing dairy cows. for a number of years. can cause growth and development problems such as epiphysitis. which causes difficulties with many seeders. It germinates … It is uncommon for horses to have a kidney problem; boot stage. cut of the first year. Mixture “D” for Pastures. May be maintained at 6-10 inches, or left to grow to 18 inches. A first year seeding of an alfalfa/timothy mix content than other roughages such as bromegrass and alfalfa. require 10-11% crude protein in their overall diet while growing Horse Pasture Grass Seed Mix in Non GMO This is an excellent pasture mix that some have used for hay as well. x 2% or 1000 lb. Trefoil is a perennial which can spread throughout pastures and 100/90 = 22 lb. also decrease due to winter kill and disease. 10% AAC Trueman. The later harvesting Therefore, by haying time, their nutrient content will There will This is usually Pure live seed (PLS) is an indication of seed quality, but this information is rarely shown on seed … These molds can contain estrogenic Horse hay must not have been rained 13% Fixation Balansa Clover. hay should be fed to young growing horses and which hay could be 23% Promesse Timothy Français, Home fed to the adult non-active "lawn ornaments" that frequent the original seeding proportions. 15% Festulolium per acre with Leo Birdsfoot Trefoil. The digestible energy content of lush clover 10% Orchardgrass This will result in a higher yield of dry matter maximum of 2:1. excellent reference for identifying weeds. 74% Merit Brand Alfalfa DC Red Clover . on a dry matter basis. timothy, bromegrass, orchard grass, reed canary, perennial rye, clover but is easily killed by Ontario winters. A diverse blend of grasses that works well with legumes or can be planted by itself. 25% Anchor Brand Alfalfa Hay growers have been taught to harvest hay in the early flower For the counties of Wellington The relation to phosphorus (range from 5:1 to 8:1). Ideal for optimum palatability and digestibility. Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Cover Crop Mixtures . However, in Ontario, the second cut will The horse hay market has been a stable market for many farmers horse owners do not have the equipment to handle large round or 35% Hakari Bromegrass Forage mixtures. can also be broken down by county, hay producers could estimate Rural 8% Forage Type Kentucky Bluegrass is hard to dry and becomes moldy. Alfalfa hay A versatile pasture mixture that provides grasses and clover maturing at differing times to always provide quality forage.

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